Graft: 1 A ditch, a moat 2 The depth of the earth that may be thrown up once with a spade 3 A trade, a craft 4 Work, esp hard work 5 Plant, implant 6 Insert or fix in or on as to produce an indissoluble union 7 Transplant a piece of living tissue

GRAFTWORKS is the design office formed by Lawrence Blough in 1999 with the goal to produce small to medium scale work with a high degree of spatial and material innovation. In parallel with practice, the office also undertakes speculative projects as a form of architectural research. This cross-pollination between academia and client based work has fueled our experiments in fabrication and strengthened the play between theory and application. We are interested in using current materials and construction technologies in novel ways – what Richard Sennett calls a “domain shift”, when a tool initially used for one purpose can be applied to another task. Each client based project is approached as a unique investigation that develops out of a conversation with the owner about their aspirations, building program, and site. We bring strong conceptual foundations to each proposal, attention to detail, and creative design work. The office has designed a wide range of projects from lofts and houses, to affordable housing and commercial offices. Our design work and research has been recognized internationally in books, magazines and newspapers. The office’s projects and collaborations have been exhibited at ‘T’ Space in Rhinebeck, Kenderdine Gallery in Canada, Temple University, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Locust Projects in Miami, CAUE 92 in France, Pratt Institute and in 2005 GRAFTWORKS was a finalist in the prestigious PS1/MoMA Young Architects Program.